VOTES 2014-2015

Position: President-Elect

Ki-Chan KIM

President, Asian Council for Small Business (ACSB)
Vice President, The Catholic University of Korea
Professor of Business School, The Catholic University of Korea

Affiliation: ICSB-Korea

Professor Ki-Chan KIM
( Tel 82-10-3312-8932
Date of Birth: 1958.11.7
- President, Asian Council for Small Business (ACSB)
- Vice President, The Catholic University of Korea
- Professor of Business School, The Catholic University of Korea

• Vice President/Professor of Business School, The Catholic University of Korea
• President, Asian Council for Small Business(ACSB)
• Senior Vice President, International Council for Small Business(ICSB, Washington, US)
• Associate Editor, Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM,US)
• President of Korean Academy of Commodity Science and Technology
• Research Professor Center for Corporate Longevity, Seoul National University
• Director Board member(Hyundai Mobis) Advisor(Samsung Electronics)

• Former Member of National Economic Advisory Council (For President in Korea)
• Former Dean of Planning & Development of Catholic University of Korea
• Former Dean of Business School of Catholic University of Korea
• Former President, Korea Association of Small Business Studies
• Former President of Korea Automotive Industry Association
• Former Editor in Chief, Asia-Pacific Journal of Small/Medium Business Studies


• Ph. D. Business Administration , SNU (Seoul National University)
• 1992-1995 Visiting scholar to School of Economics, University of Tokyo
• 1994-1994 Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
• 1997-1997 Visiting Scholar, Harvard University
• 1995 - 1997 Guest Professor, KEMBA, University of Helsinki
• 1997-1998 Research Fellow, Institute of National Affairs of China, Center for Development and Research
• 1997-1998 Part Time Reviewer, International Journal of Innovation Management, London
• 1997.6- Present. Research Affiliate, International Motor Vehicle Program, MIT
• 2000-2002 Visiting Scholar, MIT
• 2003-2006 Former Commission Member, Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption
• 2005-2007 Advisor of Economic Policy of Fair Trade Commission
• 2001-Present. GEPISSA(Europe Automotive Research Program) Member

Academic & Awards

• 2005 Awards , the Best Paper by Korea Management Association / Maekyeong Economic Daily Newspaper
• Awards for the Best Business Case, Seoul National University
• Awards for the Best Papers by Korean Academy of Commodity Science & Technology
• Awards for the Best Papers by Korea Association of Small/Medium Business Studies
• Grand Prize of Korea Automotive Parts Industry
• 2012 Industrial Medal(Order from Korea Government)

Activities – Professional

• Currently, Editor in Chief, Korea Association of Sustainability Management
• 2001- Present. Director of Business Ethics & Sustainability Forum
• 2001-Present. Managing Director of Corporate Business Ethics Center, The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies
• Member of Medical Industry Competitiveness Forum
• Current Advisor of Kbiz
• 2006-Present. Advisor of Win-Win Collaboration of Large-SMEs of Small & Medium Business Administration
• 2005-Present. Special Council Member of Structure Advancing of Special Council of SMEs
• Evaluation Council Member of Municipal Governmental Organization of The Institute for Industrial Policy Studies
• 2003- Present. President of Korea Research Institute for Measurement and Assessment
• 2003- Present. Member of Science & Technology Policy Forum (Industrial Technology Foundation)
• Current Steering Member of Korea Auto Forum (Chair of Strategy Division)
• Former Executive Director of Korea Strategy Marketing Association
• 2002-2003 Editor in Chief, Korea Strategy Marketing Association
• Current Director of Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology
• 2000- Present. Vice Chairman of Korean Academy of Commodity Science & Technology
• 1998-2005 Editor, Korean Academy of Commodity Science & Technology
• 2001-2003 Executive Director of Korea Consumption and Culture Association
• 1997-1999 Evaluation Member for Companies with the Best Practices (Presidential Award) 100PPM Quality Innovation Center
• 1997-1998 Vice Chairman of 100PPM Quality Innovation Association
• 1998 Task Force Member, Development Strategy for Industrial Parts Industry Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
• Former Evaluation Advisor and current policy advisor of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
• Former Evaluation Member of SME Special Committee, Presidential Council of Structure Advancing
• Editor in Chief, International Journal of Automotive Industry and Management
• Former advisors of Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor Company, POSCO, Kookmin Bank
• Non-executive Director of Hyundai MOBIS
• Columnist of “Window of Maekyeong’, Maekyeong Economic Daily and other newspapers including Chosun Daily, Donga, Munhwa, Hankook, Hankook Economy Daily etc. Appointed as 29 Korean Business Management Gurus by Maekyeong Economy
• Listed in the 2010 World Who’s Who Dictionary
• International Who’s Who Center, UK (IBC, International Biographycal Centre)-Outstanding Intellectuals of The 21st Century), listed in 2,000 people in the 2010 edition (Top 100 Educators 2010)

Statement of Purpose

It is a privilege to uk replica watches be nominated for President-Elect of the International Council for Small Business. I have been fortunate in my career to have had many leadership opportunities in the field of small businesses and entrepreneurship, which I believe have provided broad experience and sound preparation for this important role in the ICSB. Most recently, I have led the formation and inaugural conference of the Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB) and the growth of ICSB Korea to 150 members. This inaugural ACSB conference has generated considerable interest in ICSB in uk replica watches the Asia-Pacific including Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more.

It is undoubtedly true to state that the position of President of ICSB is one of the great honors that a person could achieve in their career. After very carefully considering challenges and needs of ICSB and at the same time my own capabilities, I am confident that I can add an important value to the institutional evolution of ICSB during the three year commitment to the work of the Presidency. Therefore I confirm that I wish to take the nomination for the position of President-Elect as presented by Prof. Yong Jin Kim.

If I’m elected, I’ll focus my Presidency on rolex replica watches affiliate development and growth in the Asia-Pacific region and as well as successful implementation of the new regional councils based on the experience of ACSB. I have a very useful skill to interact with people and institutions in order to create interest and generate sponsorship (e.g. Samsung, Kia, etc). I have no conflicts of interest to report. I am not seeking the position of President for its status, I am seeking the presidency to bring benefits and add value to ICSB as individual and especially as representative of the view of Asia-Pacific.

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