VOTES 2014-2015

Position: Senior Vice-President (SVP), Development

Luca Iandoli

Visiting Research Professor of Engineering Management at Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) and an Associate Professor of Engineering and Innovation Management at the School of Engineering, University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

Affiliation: ECSB

I am a Visiting Research Professor of Engineering Management at Stevens Institute of Technology (USA) and an Associate Professor of Engineering and Innovation Management at the School of Engineering, University of Naples Federico II (Italy). I have served as President of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) for the 2011-2013 term and have been a member of the ECSB board since November 2007. As Immediate Past President I will keep serving in the ECSB board and Executive Committee and until November 2015.

I received an MSE in Electronics at the University of Naples Federico II in 1998, completed an Executive Master program in Human Resources Management at ISMO (Intervention and Multidisciplinary Studies in Organization, Milan, Italy) in 2000, and received a Ph.D. in Engineering Management at the University of Roma Tor Vergata in December 2002. 

My research activities can be positioned at the interface between Technology, Business and Society. The fundamental quest that I believe underlies most of my research work can be described with a single question: how can we design better socio-technical systems in a way that individual action can be aggregated so that the collective system behave in a more innovative and intelligent way? My research work in entrepreneurship is focused on how online and of line collaboration can foster distributed and open innovation in networks of companies, inventors and entrepreneurs.

I have taught entrepreneurship, innovation and new venture creation courses in several schools and at different academic levels including the University of Naples Federico II (graduate and PhD, School of Engineering), Stevens Institute of Technology (undergraduate, School of Systems and Enterprises), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (PhD, Dept. of Economics), University of Lecce (Italy, School of Engineering, Post-graduate), and the European Joint Research Center (young scientists).

I am the coordinator of several international exchange programs in entrepreneurship and innovation management including a study abroad program in partnership with Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Arkansas, and ITESM Guadalajara (Mexico), and a summer course in collaboration with the Eastern Mediterranean University (North Cyprus).

I have received several awards over the course of my career. Within the last five years, I won the ICSB Presidential Award for Excellence in Service, the Best Case Study Award at the ECSB Case Study Competition, Global Information Technology Management Association (GITMA) Fellowship and a Fulbright Scholarship as a Research Visitor at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. 

Statement of Purpose

I have been serving as a member in the ECSB board for 6 years in various positions including one term as ECSB President (2011-2013). My areas of responsibilities have been the following: post-doc (2007-2009), President-elect, country Vice Presidents coordinator and Marketing responsible (2009-2011), President and responsible for Communication (2011-2013), Past President and Marketing responsible (2013-2015). I think that this long service has provided me with considerable experience, knowledge and understanding of the ECSB and ICSB community as well as of the challenges and the potential of our global network.

During my presidency I have contributed to consolidate ECSB growth in terms of new activities and overall financial situation. I am very satisfied to rolex replica watches see that now ECSB is an even more solid organization with more than 400 members projected to increase over 600 after the upcoming ICSB world conference in Dublin.

The legal registration of the association as well uk replica watches as the transaction to the new Secretariat, both started by my predecessor Dr. Cooney, are now completed. Among the new ECSB initiatives I am very proud to have contributed to the start-up of a new conference in Entrepreneurship Education (3E conference), whose first edition that took place in Denmark this year was extremely successful. New editions have already been planned and awarded to bidders across Europe until 2018. During my presidency the ECSB board has also consolidated or further developed existing initiatives including the post doc writing workshop, the mentoring program, and the ECSB/ICSB webinars.

ECSB signature event, the RENT conference, is healthy and keeps growing in attendance and reputation. We have streamlined the organization of the conference through the uk replica watches creation of a manual for organizers and a new website. We are working with EIASM to make the conference more innovative and updated: some recent initiatives are the process to index the RENT proceedings, the creation of new awards, and the enrichment of our preconference activities that now include the PhD seminar, the post doc workshop, and several policy workshops. Thanks to a new agreement with EIASM and the additional revenues from 3E and other partner conferences, the financial situation of ECSB has largely improved, at the same time we have increased our expenditures to buy more working hours for our secretariat, to sponsor the PhD seminar participants, and to finance new awards.

During my presidency I have collaborated closely with ICSB board and International Office. Thanks to this collaboration ECSB and ICSB have started new initiatives including the ECSB/ICSB webinar, the Family Business conference in Poland with a second edition expected in Italy in 2015, the implementation of a new web site based on a shared members database, and the new JSBM best paper award.

For my two-year term as VP for Development I would like to select a couple of priorities among the following objectives, pending the ICSB board desiderata and necessary discussion and approval:

- Individuation of best practices in the affiliates network for:
(a) Creation of a yearly prize for best Affiliate initiative;
(b) Implementation of some of those initiatives at ICSB global level.

- Creation of a shared membership management platform hosting a centralized members database for the delivery of online services and the creation of a thriving ICSB global community.

- Development of a new membership model to be adopted by the Affiliates characterized by different degree of involvement and commitment for members from low-cost, entry level to premium and institutional membership. Smart price discrimination will help to increase both membership numbers and revenues.

- Development of strategic partnerships with other international organizations (e.g. OECD) for the realization of ICSB backed initiatives tapping into our global knowledge and expertise network. An example could be the realization of a ICSB think-tank hosted by a yearly Entrepreneurship Global Summit sponsored by the partner organization in which several task forces of ICSB experts work for the development of policy recommendations. The type of initiative will be identified based on the type of partner organization and its specific needs.

Of course I am fully open to set alternative priorities and work at other projects as they will be brainstormed and approved by the ICSB board and President.

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