VOTES 2014-15

Greetings from the ICSB Immediate Past President, Dr. Thomas Cooney.

One of the most significant changes within the structure of the organization occurred last year when the Members overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Board's motion to reduce the size of the Board from 28 to 11 members.

This year's election is the first one to occur under the new Board structure and so we ask that everyone make themselves familiar with the revised constitution which can be found HERE - or on the ICSB website at

One of my roles as Immediate Past-President is the chairing of the Nominating Committee for the next slate of officers. We have made the nominating process as transparent as possible. The voting process follows Article VII; Sections 4, 5, and 6 of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) By-Laws.

I ask that all ICSB members please take a moment and VOTE for the individuals who will drive the organization to next level in 2014-2015!

Positions Open for 2014-15 are;

  • President-Elect (1-yr term; subsequent 1 year terms as President and Immediate Past-President)
  • Senior Vice-President, Finance & Control (2-yr term)
  • Senior Vice-President, Development (2-yr term)

You can vote:

1) Online

2) Email

3) Fax

4) Mail to the International Office (IO)


If you have any questions, please contact me ( or the International Office ( - tel +1-202-994-0704).


Please note: The deadline to submit a ballot is May 12, 2014.

In accordance with Section 4 of the ICSB By-Laws, Officers and applicable Directors shall be elected by mail, fax or electronically verified ballot. Only properly marked ballots received by the International Office prior to thirty (30) days before the opening of the World Conference shall be counted for purposes of the election.

As concerns a 'properly marked ballot', the IO will not accept any ballot that doesn't include the name, email address and ICSB affiliation of the voting member for verification purposes. The IO will not accept any ballots that are emailed, mailed or faxed by any ICSB affiliate office. All ballots need to be individually sent by the ICSB member directly to the ICSB International Office for ballot verification.

Thank you for your support.

Click here to VOTE!



SECTION 4. Election: Officers and applicable Directors shall be elected by mail, fax or electronically verified ballot. Election ballots shall be mailed by the Executive Director, or designee, to all voting members no less than ninety days prior to the opening date of the World Conference (March 13, 2014). Only properly marked ballots received by the Executive Director prior to 30 days before the opening date of the Conference shall be counted for purposes of election (Deadline May 12, 2014; Opening Date of ICSB 2014 is June 11, 2014).

SECTION 4A. Affiliate Proportional Electoral Voting:

  1. Each ICSB Affiliate of record on 30 December of the year immediately preceding an ICSB annual election receives one electoral vote per 50 members. If an affiliate has less than 50 members, the ICSB board may approve 1 electoral vote under special circumstances. Electoral votes per Affiliate are based on the most recent affiliate membership numbers for which the International Office (IO) has billed and payment has been made by the Affiliate (dues paying members).
  2. Irrespective of the number of uk replica watches members an Affiliate achieves, a maximum of 20 Electoral votes will be awarded to any one affiliate.
  3. Each Affiliate must have a 10% of their total affiliate members voting in order to have its proportional electoral vote(s) counted. If an affiliate does not achieve 10% votes from their membership, its member votes will be added to those in the International Member Pool.
  4. For purposes of the ICSB annual election to rolex replica watches the Board only, the International Member Pool will consist of unaffiliated international ICSB members and members from affiliates that have not achieved their electoral vote(s) due to lack of attaining 10% voting members.
    The members who did cast a vote will be added to the international pool. A total of 50 members (international members plus members from Affiliates not achieving 10% voting members) will count as one electoral vote for the international pool. In the event, there are less than 50 unaffiliated international members either with or without the additional affiliated members, the International Member Pool will receive one (1) electoral vote.
  5. For Affiliates achieving a minimum of 10% member voting, a majority vote within the affiliate for a candidate results in that candidate taking the electoral vote(s) awarded to that Affiliate.
  6. If there is a tie within the Affiliate, the Affiliate President’s initial vote will be used to break the tie. In the event the Affiliate President has not voted, the next highest ranking Affiliate Officer vote will serve as the tie-breaker. In the event there are no ranking Affiliate Officers from which to uk replica watches choose, the Affiliate President, without knowledge of the election results to that point, will be called upon by the ICSB Executive Director to cast a deciding vote.
  7. The candidate for each office receiving the highest number of electoral votes from all the affiliates is elected.
  8. If there is a tie in electoral votes for any candidate, the overall number of popular votes a candidate received will serve as the tie-breaker.

SECTION 5. Verification of Election Results: Members of the Nominating Committee in attendance at the World Conference shall verify the election results by examining all ballots to ensure that no improprieties exist in the final results.

SECTION 6. Election Results: Results of the annual election shall be announced at the World Conference during the Business Meeting and published in the ICSB Bulletin.


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Ways to Vote:
*Write-in Candidate
SVP, Finance & Control:
*Write-in Candidate
SVP, Development:

Francine Schlosser

Affiliation: CCSBE

*Write-in Candidate